Geometria: Geometry Shooting Game
WASD or Arrow keys - move your ship
Use the mouse to aim your fire!

Pickup the score multipliers dropped by the enemy ships - higher score means weapon power ups!

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Retro sound effects (Chrome only) - toggle with 'T' key.

Chrome Gamepad API support [+]
1. Browse to chrome://flags and Enable Gamepad
2. Restart Chrome.
3. Plug in XBox360 USB Gamepad.
4. Refresh page - press 'A' button to start.
5. Use the analogue sticks to move and fire.

FireFox Nightly 11.0a1 Gamepad API support [+]
1. Plug in XBox360 USB Gamepad.
2. Press 'A' button to start.
3. Use the analogue sticks to move and fire.

T - Toggle sound (Chrome only)
[ ] - Zoom in/out world
ESC - Pause game

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